A movement with a mission can hold extraordinary appeal, especially for the younger generations who are reshaping the world’s social landscape. Enhanzz is a Swiss-based company, and proudly so. Switzerland is the global icon of quality, precision and reliability. And by identifying as Swiss, we are making our own commitment to exceptional standards in every aspect of our company’s products, operations and appeal. Our outstanding opportunity is designed to add to the increasing amount of worldwide conversations about happiness. There’s an open invitation to everyone, of every age and every background, to join our mission of empowering people and enhancing happiness!

We have listened and we have created.
Our mission is to empower people & enhance happiness.
We offer an exceptional opportunity.
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A revolutionary Business World in the Social Selling field.

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"After 26 years in this industry, being all about its transformation, it became time to take things to another level and transform an old dream into a new reality. We do this by keeping up its ultimate promise and by putting people first. Happiness is our foundation, Swissness our quality feature."
- Sven G. Founder
"Never before in a company have I experienced such a perfect combination of expertise and motivation. The word "team" has been redefined. These factors have made it possible for the Enhanzz-Group to be set up and financed professionally in the shortest time possible. We are ready to master any challenge the future might bring."
- Oliver K. Finance
"At Enhanzz, we face a complex business with a progressive, clear legal structure and sophisticated technical tools that allow quick decisions in a constantly changing environment."
- Prof. Felix R. Legal
"Happiness. Swiss made. This is not just a slogan. Over the past 10 years, I learned a lot about true Happiness myself. It became my dream to pay it forward and increase the quality of life of millions around the world. Through its world class products and its amazing team, Enhanzz provides a massive opportunity to do so, based on true values and highest levels of integrity."
- Gerhard R. Business Development
"Empowering people is at the heart of what we do. By developing and enriching relationships, we empower our partners to achieve their goals. Proximity is power, relationship is key!"
- Alain L. Sales
"Happy people create happy products. I am so grateful to work with all those highly motivated, very creative and truly warm-hearted team members from different nations in this beautiful and energizing Swiss environment. I can't wait to share our happiness and passion with the world!"
- Christina H. Marketing
"As a people-driven Happiness Consumer Brand, we strive for utmost best quality and excellence by passionately developing superior products with a holistic brand experience that connects with people on a deeper emotional level."
- Audrey G. Product Development
"Digitization and globalization have changed the world radically. Life patterns are more and more individual and often conflict economic independence. This will become a big challenge for any organization in the future. Our social selling model can provide answers. We in Enhanzz commit working hard to create a truly innovative model that will be a game changer."
- Phillip S. Innovation
"Success needs a well-thought-out plan and flawless execution. We are a high performing team with outstanding commitment and trust, driven by our values and fueled by the love and passion for what we do. We pay attention to detail and commit to the quality we want to provide."
- Sophia L. Operations
"Every day in the office is fun, exciting, and fulfilling. Working with a young dynamic team of rule breakers and people who are willing think outside of the box makes this one of the most creative projects I have worked on in my career. It's certainly going to be a game changer!."
- Sonny B. Digital Media & Design
"A vision turns into reality if you have a target-oriented action plan and an execution team driven by a strong belief in their common venture. Every day we strive for efficiency in all our projects and face all challenges with outstanding passion and work ethics – creative and organized minds that make miracles happen!"
- Irina M. Project Management
"We are constantly looking for innovations and developing exciting tools for our Customers and Brand Partners. Providing cutting-edge technology for a 4.0 Company – this is my daily motivation!"
- Manuel L. Application Development
"Never before have I seen any skin care product line that is so thoroughly developed as the one we have in place. All ingredients are of natural origin and were carefully selected to provide everything the skin needs."
- Alisa B. Beauty Trainer
"From my university studies, I can already tell that this company has been created and built exactly as it should be. With our team, customers and partners always being in the center of our decision-making, I am sure this company will go beyond any expectations."
- Jan G. Business Intelligence
"Love the days at the office. Wonderful people, great smells and lots of food everywhere. Outside, meadows, lakes and mountains. Living the perfect happy dog life!"
- Luna H. Food Locator